So you wanna play Quidditch...

Just about anyone can play Quidditch. Here are a few basic requirements for joining our team:

- Be an ODU student. Even if you're not a student, you can always help out with running practices and scrimmages, acting as a snitch or referee, or helping with fundraisers.
- Pay semester dues. For the low price of just $10 a semester, you get all your equipment - including hoops and balls - covered!
- Have a broom. Any broom will work. Even your Mom's old Swiffer! Just be wary that the heavier the broom, the harder it is to play with!
- Be ready to run! Quidditch is all flying in the wizarding world, but all running in the muggle world.

Fit all the requirements? Great! Contact us at or just come out to our next practice!